Monthly Archives: March 2012

Controlling a fan with live weather updates

Spring has arrived, this means rooms get uncomfortably hot. A fan helps, but manually turning a fan on and off doesn’t work when I’m asleep or out. This results in waking up or arriving home to a sweltering room. I’ve written a little ruby script that puts Controlling the mains via the parallel port with data from a weather station in Southampton that publishes the weather live. Continue reading

Building a 10kV DC power supply

It’s time for the first post filed under ill advised experiments. Just in case you’d not got the hint from the name, don’t try this unless you know what you’re doing; one small slip and the only silver lining will be the cut-price cremation you’ll get for half doing the job yourself.

I’ve spent the last week building a 10kV DC power supply capable of about 100mA. In the main part it is composed of a microwave oven transformer(MOT), 4 microwave oven diodes and 60 camera flash capacitors. Continue reading