Monthly Archives: June 2012

Updating my youtube music player

Recently the youtube search results page changed slightly; this caused my youtube music player to stop working properly. I’ve rewritten parts of it; not only to work with the new youtube search, but I’ve also taken the opportunity to improve a few other areas.

The biggest change is the integration of an automatic pause feature based on bluetooth proximity sensing. If a bluetooth device’s MAC address is entered, the music will automatically pause when that device leaves visible range; once it returns, the music will resume automatically. I have also added the ability to use 3 basic commands at the search prompt: /skip /pause and /play; they do exactly what you’d expect. Continue reading

Making a mains adapter for a Canon Powershot A800

I recently bought a new camera; it’s a Canon Powershot A800. Although it’s only a basic compact camera, I specifically chose one that can run CHDK; this is a replacement firmware that allows access to just about every feature imaginable. One thing I wanted to try was to take regular shots over the course of a night so that I could combine them to create a photo of star trails. I quickly realised that powering the camera with batteries limited shooting to a couple of hours and the cost of batteries was going to start mounting up. With canon wanting about £50 for an official mains adaptor it was time to make my own. This is what I came up with:
The AC adapter and the completed camera lead Continue reading