Monthly Archives: November 2012

Adding wi-fi to a Raspberry Pi without a powered hub

It is a commonly known problem that the Raspberry Pi cannot provide enough power for most USB wi-fi adapters. This can be solved with the use of a powered hub, however I have plans to integrate the Raspberry Pi into other devices; due to space constraints I decided that it would be better to convert a dongle to draw power separately to its data connection, also taking the opportunity to reduce the distance that it projects past the end of the board.
The modified dongle plugged into the top USB port of a Raspberry pi Continue reading

A script to download 4oD

Anyone living in the UK will be familiar with the superb video on demand service run by Channel4; while it does have years worth of programmes, it doesn’t have an option to view the content without an internet connection. This is particularly frustrating as my TV doesn’t have an internet connection, although it does have support for USB mass storage devices. To work around this, I’ve written a ruby script that downloads 4oD videos to local MPEG-4 files. Continue reading

Adding OTG functionality to a multi USB lead

I recently got my hands on a Nexus 7 tablet; while it is capable of supporting USB peripherals, like most tablets it lacks a USB A socket. Instead, the micro USB socket must be used with a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable; this utilises the otherwise unused fifth pin in the micro USB plug to switch the tablet into host mode. To avoid having to carry around an extra, I’ve added a switch to allow a lead to function both in standard and OTG mode.
A multi USB cable with a switch added to enable OTG functionality Continue reading