Brother-proofing a christmas card

When we were younger, my brother and I had a game of ‘brother-proofing’ each others cards; this consisted of covering the envelope with as much tape as we could before we were told off for wasting it. This year I decided to revive this game; on Christmas day I presented my brother with his card:
A cuboid shape covered in parcel tape

Once he had removed the parcel tape, he found a layer of hazard tape:
The same box, now with hazard tape exposed

Inside which was an envelope that I had constructed from sheet steel:
The box inside the tape that is constructed from sheet steel, welded at the seams
I had welded the seams with my MOT welder; even with a current limiting stage added, I still had trouble welding such thin steel (it came from the side of an old fridge and is about 1mm thick mild steel as far as I can tell).

He tried to tear his way in using a prying screwdriver and pair of pliers:
The steel envelope, significantly torn open, but not enough to allow the card to be removed

Then gave up and disappeared to the garage, from where the sound of the angle grinder was evident. This exposed the envelope; although difficult to tell from this photo, it was brother-proofed in the classic style with several layers of sellotape.
The steel envelope, completely opened, with the use of an angle grinder to cut the edges

He cut the edge off, and finally slid out the card:
The card, finally removed from all packaging. On the front is a picture of me, with welding gear, and the caption 'I win at brother-proofing'.
Expect an update on this next year; he has vowed revenge, and spent the following hour researching things like kevlar weave and various resins.

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