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I work as a physicist for a design consultancy company in Cambridgeshire, having completed a physics degree in 2013. Previous to this I worked in several different IT roles; most notably I worked with moodle for a year, and in the process released work on multiple plugins as well as a few tweaks to core code. I have also completed internships with the Zooniverse team in the Astrophysics Dept. of Oxford university, working on near-real time response to supernova discoveries, and the IT Services dept. of Oxford university, working on log centralisation and analysis.

As you may have guessed from the tagline, I enjoy tinkering with computers and electronics as well as conducting various ill advised experiments. I currently run Ubuntu or Debian on most of my machines and write ruby scripts to do a variety of things, home automation is often a feature. My electronics tend to be either discrete component or 4000 series IC based, although I do plan to learn to use the microcontroller sat in my bits box sooner or later. As far as ill advised experiments go; these are often based around the theme of ‘fun things to do with old microwaves’, but can include anything that grabs my attention.

My Github profile has links to some of my work, both professional and personal; I welcome comments, questions and pull requests.

My less geeky hobbies include rowing, cooking (verging into amateur butchery) and walking/camping.

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    1. Mike Post author

      I’ve got one in the works, the primary side is to be powered by my 10kV DC supply, my intention being to build an inductive choke from one or more MOTs and add a de-Q-ing diode. I’ve had some issues building a rotary spark gap, but once that’s done I’ll be able to put it together with my almost finished secondary and topload, and buy the secondary caps.

  1. Mike Artenian

    Hey Mike,

    Im working on a project involving bluetooth proximity controls and i was wondering if you could answer some questions for me?



  2. Mikey

    this is weird right? i was simply trying to look up a quick and easy vise stand after i got grinding sparks in my eye from working on the ground. and from what i gather we sound alike so first its vise stands then grinding mods tesla and the magic of 3,6, and 9 lol i run a home foundry i cast aluminum mostly for my lathe so keywords like burner furnace etc.. are always in the search log. i just so happened to see my name and a picture of some sort of destruction of a propane tank (i use disposable tanks for crucibles) in a cluttered yard much like mine lol anyways i can almost see again so i should probably get back to work
    Mikey worth
    Kitchener, Ont, Canada
    33 yrs old
    never finished highscholl went back for G.E.D
    currently on a mission to obtain as much knowledge as possible whilst creating as many contraptions and gidgets as i can
    keep on keeping on sheep shagger

  3. Marinus

    Hi Mike. I came across your site when looking for bluetooth things. I recently became interested in bluetooth beacons and would like to know if you can help.I need to know if one can and how to take an bluetooth module and change it into an bluetooth beacon.Also i would like to know if one can perhaps do this using bluetooth speaker or bluetooth earpiece.I need to know what software program to get into settings of bluetooth module. Can you please assist. Thanks

  4. Kendall Jones

    I would love to see a build of a stud welder. I’ve wanted one for a long time that can weld up to 1/4″ studs but they are expensive. What are your thoughts?


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