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A greasemonky script for squadlist.co.uk

One of my hobbies is rowing, a sport that requires lots of organisation- you need one rower per seat in the boat plus one cox (most of the time) and often a bank party and/or coach to all turn up at the same time. At my club this problem is tackled using a website where each member enters their availability; this data is then used by outing cordinators to schedule sessions when the correct people can make it. On the whole this works well, but the website does some things that make it more awkward than it needs to be when I come to filling in my availabilty:

  1. Closed outings are still displayed; they clutter up the list without providing any useful information (simply being available doesn’t mean that I’m actually rowing)
  2. There are a series of options that are redundant for our club (for some reason the creator of the software thinks that coaches want specific excuses for unavailability)
  3. There are constant suggestions of going rowing at silly o’clock in the morning. This is more of a problem with the outing co-ordinators, but still something that can be fixed by software
    What squadlist used to look like
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