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A teapot stand that reminds me to pour the tea

I like drinking tea, however it’s not unusual for me to make the tea then get distracted and forget until 20 minutes later; this results in warm, stewed cup of disappointment instead of the tea I’d intended. To help prevent such tragedies, I’ve made myself a teapot stand that reminds me to pour the tea once it’s sufficiently brewed:
A teapot stand constructed from a HDD platter with a lead snaking out of the back and the edge of a circuit board just about peeking out from underneath Continue reading

Adding wi-fi to a Raspberry Pi without a powered hub

It is a commonly known problem that the Raspberry Pi cannot provide enough power for most USB wi-fi adapters. This can be solved with the use of a powered hub, however I have plans to integrate the Raspberry Pi into other devices; due to space constraints I decided that it would be better to convert a dongle to draw power separately to its data connection, also taking the opportunity to reduce the distance that it projects past the end of the board.
The modified dongle plugged into the top USB port of a Raspberry pi Continue reading